T-Rex Creation

The T-Rex Ditcher was created by Grant Dyck of Artel Farms in Niverville, MB, to solve his own on-farm draining and ditching needs. T-Rex stands for Terra Excavator. There are 10 years and 3,000 hours of concept design of this eight-foot rotary ditcher. The prototype actually had a self-contained motor. Essentially what took this to market is the parts are now readily available to have a driveline system on it.

The Terra Excavator

Depending on soil type, it can do anywhere from 1,500 to 2,000 yards per hour. Artel Farms runs this on their own farm and it will do three to four times what a scraper would do and 9 to 10 what a backhoe would do. The range of cut is about six inches to a foot at three to five miles per hour, depending on conditions.

The driveline uses a slip clutch to prevent damage, and the teeth are protected by bolts that are designed to fail before allowing component damage if the T-Rex hits a very large rock.

It can throw 20 to 85 pound stones anywhere from 100 to 150 feet. There’s a two dollar bolt and a three minute fix if it was to ever hit what we call a backhoe stone.

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T-Rex Ditchers

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